HTML 5 Markup Language There are two major specifications competing to replace HTML 4 and XHTML 1. They are XHTML 2.0 and Web Applications 1.0, also known as HTML5. These coding languages take different approaches and will no doubt have different outcomes in terms of the future development and design. XHTML 2 is a bold step forward intended to create… Read more →

Live Writer Preview

Live Writer Easily format text and images for any blogging platform. What I really like about Writer is the ease in which you can insert your images and choose from a wide range of effects to style them like rotate, multiple border options, reflections, rounded corners and drop shadow. Full Feature List Here’s a list including some of the new… Read more →

Easy Jquery Auto Image Rotator

Easy Jquery Image Rotator The other week I had a friend ask me for a simple script to rotate a few images on his web page. Sounded simple and I even assumed I would not have to re-invent the wheel, but after an hour of searching for a lightweight script I was surprised to find that unless you were willing… Read more →

Facebook Connect Commenters

Setup Facebook Connect Commenters on Movable type Today we will explore how to install Facebook Connect Commenters with Movable Type 4.25 and the Mid Century Template Set, and actually get it to work. You can add Facebook Connect to any Movable Type blog, allowing Facebook users to sign in, comment, and share their actions. Facebook Connect, will automatically display a… Read more →